Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lust & Confused: Sex is Fun: Order It

Lust & Confused: Sex is Fun: Order It: "The holiday season is upon us, and this year we thought we'd get a head start on the shopping by doing some of it online. And where else to ..."

Lust & Confused: Sex is Fun: Order It

Lust & Confused: Sex is Fun: Order It: "The holiday season is upon us, and this year we thought we'd get a head start on the shopping by doing some of it online. And where else to ..."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SiF #266 Sex on the Swingset is Fun! - First Impressions from Desire!

SiF #266 Sex on the Swingset is Fun! - First Impressions from Desire!
Our Recording Location!Kidder, Lorax, Cooper and Marylin sit down at Desire and give first impressions on the resort. You'll learn about guy on guy action, how emotions can become super intense, and how everyone's relationships are growing and changing. Learn more about Life on the Swingset Join Smitten Kitten and Ana Voog on March 11th! Selections from Ana Voog's webcam on display.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

SiF #265 - Sex News and Product Reviews Part 2

SiF #265 - Sex News and Product Reviews Part 2

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We finish the review show with a correction on the Xplozion Pills. Kidder was right, Lorax was wrong.
Coochie finds she likes a little vibrating action in her ass with the Trinity Vibrating Butt Plugs! Read Coochie's Article.
Laura Rad, Rick and Lorax review the entire line of products from Good Clean Love. They all have different opinions on the Body Candy, Love Oil, and Personal Lubricant. Read Rick's Article, read Laura Rad's Article
Kidder has his favorite product of the year and it's only March, with the Liberator Heart Wedge. Read Kidder's Article.
H_Wedge1.jpgWrite the Author: Lorax


Friday, May 20, 2011

SiF #264 - Sex News & Product Reviews

SiF #264 - Sex News & Product Reviews

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Lorax and Kidder are having it out with each other at the beginning of this show. It is winter and they both need a tropical vacation.
Kidder's teen sex education comic book series is being produced as we speak. Money is starting to flow in and it may perhaps be time to create a non-profit organization and separate all our teen sex educational efforts from our adult sex ed. Craig Gross and Kidder have continued lengthy discussion about the comic series and finished the first book to be written by Kidder with Craig as an adviser. Heather Corinna from opts to not help us with the Teen Sex Education Series because of Craig Gross's involvement which means that she won't be involved with the comic series at all. This bums us out because we thought she was super cool. Dildo Product Review - Real Deal Cock and Balls Gay Rick tests so many butt toys that he gets a hemorrhoid. Real Deal Dildo - $16.95 Product Review - OOO Boutique Condoms These condoms are small (as in made for smaller penises) expensive, but nicely packaged. Product Review - Xplozion Ejaculation Pills Kidder goes headstrong into the shit-storm once again and reviews a penis pill. Xplozion pills are supposed to make your ejaculations massive. Kidder and Gay Rick take two and head off to the hand-job room to see if they work.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SiF #263 - Mormon Porn

Max works for a company that produces gay porn staring Mormons for Mormons. In this most interesting show we learn all about the complete and utter insanity that is the Mormon faith, including magic underwear. Mormons aren't known for being gay-friendly, in fact they are quite often the most politically active opposition for gay rights that currently exist in America. They've taken control of the BoyScouts and have integrated themselves into a massive number of very profitable businesses. It is very likely that you are unknowingly funding their sex-negative, anti-homosexual dirty politics by simply buying the products that you use every single day. 

So exists to help gay Mormon men escape the insanity by providing a revenue stream for them so that they have some support as their church and family disown them from the world that they were born into. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SiF #262 - Advanced Masturbation for Improving Sexual Performance

Today Kidder goes over one of his talks from the Adult Entertainment Expo while the rest of the hosts sit in and offer critiques.
We learn all about Advanced Masturbation for Improving Sexual Performance!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our Blog has moved

We have officailly left blogger and moved our site to our own server. You can find new podcasts here: Come join us!

Monday, January 31, 2011

SiF #261 - When Good Orgies Go Bad

SiF gets a letter from a listener who's recently experienced her first group sex play and learned later that her husband snuck in a little PiV action while she was rounding up a double-ended dildo in the other room. She had a great time but is hurt by the fact that he broke the rules.

She writes,

Hey Kidder--long time no talk :) I hope you and Jade are doing well, and I've been missing our chats. We had a great new years eve (and I hope you did, too!). My husband and I had two very hot and sexy single friends over last night. We all ended up naked in the kitchen and fooling around...and that leads me to my question. I'll break it down like this: The good news is that I finally got some girl on girl action. It was awesome! I got to play with boobies, finger her and eat box! :) I thought the whole thing went swimmingly well until my husband told me The Bad News: my he had some P.I.V. action with the other girl, which happened on the staircase while going to get a toy. I was not there. It was minimal, in and out 2 times before they recovered their senses and stopped. We were all pretty tipsy, and we didn't discuss boundaries before our impromptu sexytime. That may make me a very irresponsible SIF listener, but be that as it is...I feel SO betrayed and hurt. Alan KNOWS my boundaries with PIV and also with this particular woman. We've spent 9 years rebuilding the trust he broke when he cheated on me before we were married. I also feel like he ruined a perfectly INCREDIBLE, hot sexy encounter with our two friends. As you know, I've never done that before, it was a huge and much anticipated experience for me, and I think it rocked except for my seriously hurt feelings and his whackadooooo bullshit PIV action. :( Anyway, I'm pretty confused and I'm trying to be cool about it. He knows how I feel.

Thanks for listening, any advice from you, Jade, or anyone else would be helpful and welcome.

ps--Salt on the wound: I surprised him and got an iud for xmas so we could be fluid bonded, and now I want him to get screened for STIs, because the PIV was not protected. I'm so bummed. What is the incubation period?

pps--It's nice to hear you dropping the F-bomb again :)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

SiF #260 - Adult Entertainment Expo (After Parties)

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We have a few drinks with Greg Delong of Njoy Toys. Kidder discovers that Nina Hartley is a fan of what Sex is Fun does. WOW! Kidder also discovers that Jamye Waxman is also a big fan of the show and book. Smitten Kitten knows how to throw a party. Extreme Restraints takes us out for dinner and we talk extreme toys and board games. Gay Rick went out with Smitten Kitten to a gay dance club and has a fantastic time. Kidder kicks ass at craps. 
Gay Rick ditches the straights and heads out to get laid, which he does. Lorax and Kidder go to the Kasadie after-party at the Green Door on-premis Sex Club. Kidder makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake but eventually just ends up making out with a hot woman who makes it all A-OK. Then Ron Jeremy walks in... 
Porn is dying as free access to porn is killing the industry. The industry is beginning to realize that the prices on our games are reasonable as every other sex game sucks. 

Awesome people we met/saw:
Ron Jeremy
Jen Pritchett of Smitten Kitten 
Greg Delong
Buck Angle
Nina Hartley
Jamye Waxman

• for sex games and party games that help you explore sex.


Monday, January 17, 2011

SiF #259 - AVN & AEE Conference 2011 (part 1)

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If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to go to the AVN conference, listen to this show. While waiting for the taxi at the airport we played the game, "One of Ours?" to see if we could correctly guess who was headed to AVN or to the CES conference. The flags are simple. People who go to porn shows have a lot of bling, flash, and "look-at-me" flair on them.

Kidder's talks were difficult to present due to all the strippers everywhere. Kidder also was invited into a sex educators panel which was one of the most important things he did at the show.

Kidder met with the various churches that were there to save all the porn addicted heathens at the show. One church was called "The Naked Truth," The other was called "XXXChurch." Kidder showed Craig Gross the teen sex ed comic series and Craig liked it and proposed they do it together. 

Awesome people we met/saw:

• for sex games and party games that help you explore sex.

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