Monday, January 11, 2010

SiF #209 - Bill Maher and Ann Coulter get it on as the world ends!

A caller who bought 3 vibrators for his wife discovered that she hated them all. She likes internal vibrators and the SiF team has to scramble to find her a model that she'll like that isn't complete and udder crap. Rick reviews his favorite prostate toy ever, the Excel from Nexus. Jim calls in to ask, "Where's the book at?" The Sex is Fun book will be released to the public on June 1st. 2010. This leads us into a discussion of books, including, "World War Z," Walking Dead," and, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." A contributor on the forum calls out Coochie for being a fag-hag or something like that. Will Bill Maher and Ann Coulter do blow and have sex together at the dawn of armageddon? We'll discuss this and much much more on this episode of sex is fun on Listen to the show on your 'puter! Find us on iTunes and leave a review while you are at it. Call into the show! 206-350-8823 Sex is Fun is sponsored by:
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