Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SiF #211 - Erogenous Zones in a Touch Deprived Society

Kidder drinks absinth and plays Wii Resort Sports until 4 AM. Viagra delays ejaculations. Kidder reviews Obsello Absinth. Coochie warns that you shouldn't drink and make bad decisions. Kidder hopes for viagra in tea. Laura Rad ponders the sex life of Mr. Rogers. Eventually the team gets to the point of the show and talk about their favorite erogenous zones. Kidder realizes that his favorites spots are also the most vulnerable ones. Laura Rad loves a sweaty armpit. We are a touch deprived society. Give up the myth that there is ONE place on your partner's body that if touched, will drive them crazy. Take your time and don't have an objective when finding and stimulating erogenous zones. Don't you just HATE it when a partner almost touches your favorite erogenous zone but then moves on before actually touching it. Listen to the show on your 'puter! Find us on iTunes and leave a review while you are at it. Call into the show! 206-350-8823 Sex is Fun is sponsored by: www.GreatSexGames.com SmittenKittenOnline.com ExtremeRestraints.com HealthyandActive.com Eroscillator.com
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