Sunday, January 31, 2010

SiF #212 - Can Sex & Religion be friends? Is Consensual Incest Wrong? Filament Magazine Review.

A caller calls in with a tirade about Kidder's anti-religious tirades. Kidder calmly explains that he isn't anti-religious, he's pro-sex. Kidder often describes himself as an agnostic who prays, but lately he's felt as though he's losing his religion and getting a new one. He's entertaining the idea of Humanism. Coochie reviews a butt plug called the Tantus Silicone Anal Flirt from Extreme Restraints. Kidder has invented and perfected a butt plug detector. A caller wants to know if consensual incest is good or bad based on the SiF Code of Conduct. The staff loves it when a caller asks a question that makes them uncomfortable. Kidder's been playing Rock Band. Laura reviews Filament Magazine, erotica, articles and naughty pictures for women and gay men. A caller wants to know how to become a sex educator and wonders if Kidder is against body mods because he doesn't want to freak people out, thus making him a better sex educators. Kidder, doesn't want to belong to AASECT and believes that Violet Blue is a sex educator no matter what association of standardized thinking says she isn't. Listen to the show on your 'puter! Find us on iTunes and leave a review while you are at it. Call into the show! 206-350-8823 Sex is Fun is sponsored by:
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