Friday, April 09, 2010

The Sex is Fun book launches in 6 weeks.

In six weeks, Kidder's book will be found in bookstores everywhere. In this movie, he explains why you absolutely need to get your hands on this book and why pre-ordering is absolutely necessary if you wish to be a successful lover and valued citizen of Planet Earth. Watch this movie now! Pre-order it now or forever wonder how great it would have been to have been one of the few lucky ones that did. Think about it. Then, after you've thought about it, stop thinking and start acting. Get on the phone. NO! Don't get on the phone, unless your phone is a smart phone and has the app that allows you to pre-order the book on line. if you don't have a phone that has that capability, go to, on your computer, or your iPad, or something that can surf the web. Click on the link that says, "BOOK," and pick a place to pre-order the book. There are a lot of places really. There is actually a very high likelihood that you'll find a place to buy this book that is less than 10 miles away from your toilet and if not from your toilet, from a toilet that is no more than 10 miles away from your toilet. Sex is Fun is sponsored by:
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