Sunday, November 07, 2010

SiF #251 - 5th Anniversary Show for all the fanboys, girls and people with both.

Lorax, Coochie and Kidder look back five years and discuss all that has changed. Kidder now has some grey hair, Lorax is a full swap swinger, and Coochie has become a hardcore BDSM freakazoid. Lorax is now Kidder's boss and can fire him whenever he gets out of line. Coochie and Lorax have IUDs and use the Diva Cup to keep their menstruation where it belongs. What should they do with their menstrual blood now? Coochie thinks she should use it to fertilize her herb garden.

Kidder looks like a douche-bag with a mohawk. Lorax talks to Kidder about his abrasive nature. Kidder's doctor thinks he needs to be treated for anxiety.  

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